In The Club…


As a new mum-to-be, I’m already getting hints and tips from all my already-mum-friends and I’m readily absorbing them like a sponge. The advice they’re offering is all based on their own experience and very gratefully received by a complete newcomer to the world of elasticated waistbands like me, to whom the concept of changing a nappy is a voyage of discovery. There’s a great big wide world out there, filled with paraphernalia of all descriptions for the new little arrival, and without my close friends and family (aka the mum army) there to guide me, it really would feel like a minefield.  The dad’s too, to be fair, have all had their top tips to share but they mostly revolve around how to identify which nappies someone else should change in order to avoid a “poo-nami” or an “apoo-calipse”…

Whilst navigating the uncertain path towards parenthood, I feel incredibly lucky to have a wealth of experience and advice on hand from close friends as well as online, through sources such as; The Bounty Club; Mumsnet and many more.  It’s a world away from the limited resources my mum had whilst expecting her first child because now, without having to look very far at all, there is a whole community of Mums out there, willing to share their own experiences with other mums and mums-to-be.  Meaning that my generation of expectant mums truly are “in the club”.

This week, Royal Caribbean International has launched its very own Mums and Dads club – an advice line staffed by Mums and Dads to offer parents advice on cruising at sea.  If entering the world of parenting is daunting, then something that I’m rapidly learning is that once you’re a fully paid up member of the parent-club, any change from your routine can be even more so.  Holidays can be a great time to relax, but if a family holiday is to work well, then every member of the family needs to feel relaxed and be able to have fun.  The idea behind Royal Caribbean’s new parent line is to offer Mums and Dads the opportunity to chat with parents who have already cruised with their kids and can answer any questions or concerns they may have, based on first-hand experience.  After all, everyone knows that Mum (and Dad) knows best..

Holidaying with babies and children also has the added complication of having to pack everything but the kitchen sink, which is why I love Canvas Holidays‘ concept of having buggies, highchairs, cots, potties, baby baths, plug socket covers etc, all available for free on-site. Genius!  They also offer great packages for parties of 4 adults and up to 6 kids, which means Nanna & Grandpa can come too…

I have to admit that entering this brand new chapter in my life is a little bit scary, but it’s reassuring to know that I’m not on this journey alone and that, pretty soon, I’ll be back in my normal clothes, up to my eyes in nappies and full of my own experience and advice to impart.  But, for now, I’m all ears…

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