A Boy Named Sue…

As one of three girls and, having grown up in a house filled with oestrogen with a very outnumbered dad, it had never occurred to me that I would have anything other than a little girl.
So when I went for my 20 week scan a fortnight ago and saw, what was quite unmistakably, a little boy on the screen in front of me… It took some time to sink in.
We visited friends of mine at the weekend, who have two baby boys just 16 months apart and were presented with a huge bag of hardly-worn baby clothes. Going through the selection of little blue polo shirts and baby jeans made it all feel suddenly very real and very exciting!
So, he won’t be wearing little frilly dresses, but he’ll be my something blue; brand new and very very loved.  Plus, I forgot just how much I love playing with trucks, pirates, dinosaurs and swords… We have so much fun ahead of us!
Now just to think of a name… Can I still call him “Sue”?

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