Sock Snowman

Help your little ones make these fun sock snowmen, which make great toys, gifts and decorations.snowman

What you’ll need:

  • White sports sock
  • Coloured sock
  • Pillow/cushion stuffing
  • Buttons (for nose and body)
  • Wobbly eyes
  • Elastic or Loom band
  • PVA Glue
  • Needle and thread

Step 1.  Fill the white sports sock with pillow stuffing (and shape accordingly), up to the heel of the sock. Tie the elastic or loom band around the heel of the sock tightly to hold the stuffing in.

Step 2. Roll the top of the sock back down over itself, covering the elastic band, to create the snowman’s hat.  Then fold the bottom of the hat back on itself by about 2cm to create the rim of the hat.

Step 3. Cut two strips from the coloured sock to create the scarf and coloured band around the rim of the hat.  Use the elasticated section of the coloured sock to create the rim of the hat.  Cut strips from the remaining fabric to make the scarf.

Step 4.  Tie the coloured scarf fabric strip around the sports sock and mold the pillow stuffing to create a head and body for the snowman.

Step 5. Glue the wobbly eyes on using PVA glue.

Step 6.  Sew the buttons onto the snowman to create a nose and buttons for the body.

Step 7.  To add a bobble to the top of the hat, take a little fabric from the coloured sock and fill it with pillow stuffing.  Twist and shape into a bobble and stitch to the top of the hat.

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