Confessions: Road to Nowhere…

I have spent years thinking that I was the only mum driving around at nap time in a desperate attempt to get my children to sleep.  I have since found out that I’m not. Or, at least, some people are kind enough to let me believe that.

I have one child that sleeps anywhere and one child that doesn’t. One that actively avoids sleep at all costs and will take us both to the brink of insanity before he gives in.

It is this child that’s the reason that my neighbours must think that I have a secret assignation at 11am every day, and the reason that anyone paying the slightest attention to the traffic would see me doing laps of the area on a daily basis. Not too fast, no jerky movements, just cruising down the sidestreets looking, for all the world, like I’m casing the joint.

Sorry neighbourhood watch, I’m just a mum on a mission, soothing an overtired two year old off to sleep, before returning home to (extremely carefully) carry his three stone body up two flights of stairs and into his bed. I should be a size 6. I am not. But, I could probably bench press you…

Mums, if you’re out there too, let’s give each other a silent wave of solidarity. No tooting, mind. After all, we don’t want to wake the babies…

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