Holiday Over: Back with a Bump

We’ve just returned from a week in France. A week of macarons, pain au chocolat, vin rouge, fromages galore and the blissful ignorance that comes from wearing cool, loose holiday clothes every day.

It was a wonderful family break, much needed. The boys adored the change of scenery, the heat, the water, the food and, above all, the time we were able to spend together as a family.

Time comes at a premium, especially for Daddy, so we made the most of every day and indulged our every whim. Croissants for breakfast, baguettes with real butter and cheeses for lunch, desserts… oh the desserts…, wine every night and lots lots of lovely ice cream! We ate like kings and dreamt of living like royalty too – buying our own slice of France to escape to with the children whenever we felt like it – although, sadly, we’ve yet to win the lottery for that bit…

Consequently, when I came to slip on my jeans this morning and the zip strained a little, I realised I’d come home with more than just happy family memories and a suntan…

Before going away, I had been following Muma Power’s 12 week programme and, just 8 weeks in, had lost over a stone! This week away in France has been epic and the scales this morning are not happy with me!

So Muma Power will be coming to the rescue yet again to shed those cheese laden pounds and get me back into my new jeans. Her programme is aimed at time-poor mums and advocates a few quick daily exercises alongside a clean & healthy eating lifestyle. I can even use the baby for my weighted squats which, at 10 months and weighing 12.5kg, certainly puts me through my paces!

So, I may be back home with a bump… well, a muffin top really… But, with a little bit of focus, I hope that it will soon be gone again.

I just wish the mountain of laundry was that easy to shift…

The Muma Power 12 week programme costs £24, payable by PayPal.

The chateau in France costs a little more…

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