Wine: A Lesson Learnt

The bottle of wine seemed like a good idea at the time. 


It was medicinal really. 


To dull the memory of the poo I found on the lounge carpet, and initially mistook for a raisin… Then the baby sick that I cleared up from the other end of the room… And finally, the bedtime that took over two hours last night. 


The epic mummy fail came when I forgot to factor in that neither boy sleeps through at the moment and that (obviously, according to the law of sod) the 3 year old would wake up at 3am and refuse to go back to sleep and that I would find myself doing Peppa Pig puzzles in his bedroom at 4am… 


So, this morning, I am running on coffee and large glasses of water. Repeat after me: a glass of wine is fine but a whole bottle accompanied with just a slice of child’s birthday cake for dinner is just criminally insane…

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