My child of the 80s

At the moment we are obsessed with all things ’80s. It started when Daddy discovered all his old He-Man toys in the loft and gifted them to the boys, and it has escalated from there…

Daddy discovered original He-Man episodes on YouTube and began watching them with the boys. What a fantastic trip down memory lane this was… Brilliant. 

Then, YouTube helpfully suggested things he “might also like” and so the spiral into nostalgic, and sometimes obscure, late 20th century childhood cartoons began. And, for our three year old, a journey into the past has opened up an exciting new world, filled with characters that Mummy & Daddy know well, and some that he now knows better than us.

To see your three year old run up to his Dad, sword stuffed down his back, via the neck of his t-shirt, and shout: “By the power of Greyskull!! I have the power!!!!” is both hilarious and cute at the same time. To watch him dub each family member with a He-Man moniker is priceless. 

Little Brother has routinely taken on the role of the bad guy since his arrival, 15m ago, but now that he is both robust and mobile, he has a new role: transportation. Little Brother is Battlecat and Big Brother, Prince of Eternia, leaps on him at every opportunity and asks him to giddy-up, much to his delight. Squeals of excitement can be heard from both of them whenever there’s a game of He-Man going on and it’s lovely to hear.

Dangermouse came next, and Daddy became Baron Greenback, whilst Little Brother was Penfold. Quickly followed by Bananaman, with arch enemies General Blight and Doctor Gloom. 

SuperTed is his absolute favourite and, during our spell in quarantine for Little Brother’s chickenpox at the end of last year, our eldest learnt the opening sequence off by heart and insisted on referring to his brother as “the spotty man” who took the teddy bear to a magic cloud, where Mother Nature gave him special powers…

It has been fascinating to see how Little Brother is gradually progressing to the status of sidekick, rather than villain. Big Brother’s  perception of character depth is growing and he can now see the difference between straight forward good and evil, and recognise that a side kick or best friend can also be the subject of fun.

Mummy, meanwhile, is now pretty much always the bad guy:  Skeletor, Texas Pete, Baron Greenback… you get the picture. 

Gone are my days spent as trusty sidekick. The best I can hope for now is arch nemesis: doomed to a life of ambushes on the way to the kitchen; and sword fights in the lounge. I’m the most feared baddy, this side of London! Well, until Daddy gets home from work at least… 

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