Review: Zippy Fun Bandana Bibs

As every parent of a toddler knows, they dribble – especially when a new tooth is on its way – and dribbly chins need an absorbent bib to soak up the moisture that can lead to chapped skin.

We heard about a British company called Zippy, which offers a range of fun and funky bandana-style bibs for children up to 18 months, and decided to put them to the test…

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At 13 months, we are at the height of a dribble phase at the moment, cutting those pesky molars, and constantly chewing on anything and everything he can get his hands on!

A typical boy, he likes being messy, and hates having his face wiped.  He also thinks it’s hilarious to blow raspberries in his water, sending it cascading all down himself. Zippy, you’ve got your work cut out here… Let’s see what you’ve got.

Absorbency – 4/5 – really good.  Other supermarket bibs that we’ve tried can get soaked as soon as he has a drink and need changing several times a day, but this one continued to feel pretty dry all day (or, at worst, damp rather than sodden) and certainly kept his clothes dry underneath.

Style – 5/5 –  I love the colour of our bib! (from the Boys Nautical Blues set).  The wide range of colours and designs is a real plus (girls’, boys’ and unisex sets, as well as special seasonal ones), and the soft cotton fabric works really well in the style stakes as well as being super practical.  The bandana-style bib looks really cute and I’m keen to get some more to complete his “cowboy-chic” look for every occasion 🙂

Wearability – 5/5 – big, and really soft and comfortable.  There are two sets of poppers to expand or contract the neck hole and, whilst other brands we’ve tried have felt tight on the larger setting, he wore this comfortably with both poppers done up and room to spare.  He’s a big 12 month old (in 18-24 month clothes), so I was really impressed at how generous the sizing was.

Washability – 5/5 – so far… It’s been washed and tumble dried more than 10 times and continues to retain its shape, colour, softness and absorbency.  He wore it on his birthday too, so it’s also passed the chocolate cake test!  Can’t fault it yet…

(update May 2016: this bib is now proudly worn by number 2 son and still looks good)

Cost – 5/5 – at just £2.50 per bib, I think they’re a total bargain and will definitely be ordering more!  Zippy is also offering Tots On users an extra 20% off all purchases on their website.  See our Exclusive Offers posting for more details.

Special Powers – The little man took his first steps while wearing the bib, after his 1st birthday party.  Whether the bib has any special powers in this area is pure speculation and cannot be confirmed… although I have seen him wearing it backwards as a cape.

These bibs are available to buy online at

Zippy also produces a range of absorbant bibs in premature and newborn sizes (the FirstBib range) and the larger Absorbant Bandana bibs (which are reviewed here).

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