Potty about Peter Pan


I may as well be asking him to fly, as the look on his face each time the potty is mentioned is just as incredulous.  The list of excuses is becoming long and, despite the ever-present offer of a tempting reward, his position on the subject remains firm: “not yet”.

During one, very recent episode, we went through the usual routine of me asking him if he wanted to try, only for his eyes to brim with tears and, in a very little voice, say: “I don’t want to grow up yet, Mummy!”

Such heart-wrenching words from a two year old! I scooped him up, hugged him tight and rashly promised that we’d only do it when he was ready, feeling utterly wracked with guilt.

And those words kept haunting me… Was I in such a rush to see my baby grow up? To introduce a milestone that, for him, somehow signalled the end of his childhood? Was it really worth all this heartache?

I was still mulling it over the next day, and wondering where those gut wrenching words had come from, as we got in the car and his much-loved Peter Pan audiobook began to recount the tale of the boy who never grew up… and the penny finally dropped.

Our potty training journey may be just around the corner, or as far away as Neverland. But, near or far, for now I’ve decided to wait until this little bookworm feels ready to start his next chapter. Whenever that might be.

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